Agur waterfalls

They are located near the city of Sochi, from Kurortny Prospekt we turn to the Agurskoye Gorge. The place is of course very beautiful, especially when you climb the Eagle Rocks after the waterfalls. But we had a reverse route, we descended from the Eagle Rocks down to the waterfalls, as we drove up from the direction of Staraya Matsesta.

First, we were at a high viewpoint and looked at the waterfalls and the beautiful lagoon from above. We looked around, admired the beautiful views and the surrounding landscapes. What a lovely pine scent!

Then we move along the fenced path over the cliff.

And here we are at Prometheus. What is this hero doing here? There is a legend that it was to these rocks that he was chained. And that the young girl Agura took pity on the hero and brought him water. Once she was noticed and the god who punished Prometheus turned her into a river. Now this river flows and forms beautiful waterfalls.

We move down and the path leads us to the river and to the Agur waterfalls.

There are three Agur waterfalls, they are different in height, the largest is 30 meters, 23 and 21 meters. The height difference from the first to the third waterfall is 350 meters.

Handrails are installed everywhere, there are steps, fences, benches, signs. At the lower waterfall, the stones are wet and rather slippery, be careful.

On the waterfalls themselves, there was nowhere for an apple to fall, the impression was that all the tourists of Sochi were here at once, a very large number of people. I shot this so that people are not visible, in some places I did a mini retouch. And so the whole lagoon was filled with divers.

We did not focus much attention here, we paid more attention to the Eagle Rocks, and this was far from the first attraction of the day, more emphasis was placed on the video. We looked at the waterfalls, stood in line at the “photogenic stone”, flew a drone and went back to the Eagle Rocks to visit the grotto.

Grotto of Prometheus. You pay 150 rubles, they give you helmets and show you the direction of travel. We go down the iron stairs and now we are at the entrance to the grotto.

The cave itself is small. Of particular geological and scientific interest is not, speleological, too. The hall is small. But yes, you can go for fun.

See also the video from the Agursky waterfall, Eagle rocks and this grotto:

Place coordinates:

📍43.558547, 39.825629

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