12 unique and stunning caves in Lago-Naki

If you are a fan of speleology and visiting and exploring caves is a great pleasure for you, then we will tell you about a few of them. The opinion that there are only a couple of caves in the mountainous Adygea is wrong. There are dozens of them! And we will talk about those that we consider (only our opinion!) The most interesting and unique.

Big Azish cave

The largest (at least from what we personally know) of all the surrounding caves. Fully equipped, and therefore paid. You will be guided along the route along neat paths, stairs and ramps with railings, you will be given warm clothes (if you didn’t take your own), they will tell and show you everything. You can drive a car almost to the cave itself. There is parking, a cafe and other amenities. So if you want everything to be clean, neat and safe, then you are here.

After visiting the cave, do not forget to take a walk to the Azish panorama, which you can see about HERE.

Getting to it is easy. We drive towards the Lago-Naki plateau and see a huge sign indicating a turn towards the cave.

Coordinates: 44.12157, 40.02846

Cave Gentle

The second most famous cave on the way to the Lago-Naki plateau. Also equipped, also with a tour, but much smaller than Bolshaya Azishskaya. Very interesting for its acoustics. I recommend to visit. Also ideal for beginners.

We drive towards the Lago-Naki plateau and see a sign on the road indicating the turn to the Nezhnaya camp site, near which the cave is located. There is a ticket office in the parking lot.

Coordinates: 44.15131, 40.06529

Cave Dakhovskaya

And here you need to work hard to get to it. Located on the Unakoz Ridge. Climb to it from the village of Dakhovskaya along the path of the «Black Archaeologist». See the detailed video HERE. Climbing into the cave requires some effort, going down, respectively, too. There are a lot of bats in the cave. LOTS OF!!! Learn it. When they squeak and fly in front of the face, it’s a little annoying))) The cave itself is not very large. The entrance to it is through a small squatting corridor, after a large and very spacious hall. Please note that the floor is very slippery. Well, it’s dark, take flashlights, telephones do not save.

Coordinates: 44.24803, 40.22192

Ozernaya Cave

A very interesting cave, wild, with several halls, stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates. The route is simple, can be mastered by any beginner and even small children. Highly recommend to visit. Read in detail and watch the video in this article:

Lake Cave. Wild cave 800m from the roadTHREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 26

Coordinates: 44.08302, 40.0187

sheep cave

It is located on the Lago-Naki plateau and in order to visit it you need to go down from the observation point on the plateau down to the Kurdzhips River. The cave is territorially already in the reserve, therefore it is necessary to purchase tickets at the Lago-Naki cordon, 100 meters from the descent site.

The cave is through, quite large. Entry is huge, exit is small. Nearby is a beautiful round lake. Read about the cave here:

Sheep Cave, Adygea. A through cave located on the Lago-Naki plateau. Reaching it is not at all difficult, any novice tourist will reach it. For the first time we walked with a very small Yarik in our arms, we reached and found it quickly. I attached a photo with a very small Yarik and from the last walk to this cave a couple of years ago. Basically, nothing has changed. The entrance to the cave is large and wide, but the exit is narrow … THREE WITH A CAMERA July 17

Coordinates: 44.07964, 39.99733

Anita Cave

The simplest and most accessible of the wild caves and is 50!!! meters from the road on the Lago-Naki plateau. You can see more about the cave HERE. Tiny but easily accessible. It has a fairly wide entrance and several holes in the vault ceiling. Almost anyone can find it. So it’s not immediately visible from the road, the entrance is turned away towards the forest. But all paths lead in the right direction, do not get lost.

Coordinates: 44.14529, 40.05257

powder cave

Interesting, with bats, long and with several branches. We visited only the right «corridor» of the cave. The left one is a deep «well», into which you need to go down the cable with headlamps and equipment. For us, it is still underexamined, but we plan to do it. Interesting and noteworthy.

The cave is located in the Fars river valley. We drive from Kamennomostsky towards the village of Pobeda, turn towards the quarries and continue on foot for about 2 km.

Coordinates: 44.284, 40.34417

Cave Through

It is also located in the valley of the Fars River and is notable for the fact that this same river originates from this cave. It flows right along the bottom of it. We couldn’t go far into the cave, because we didn’t have rubber boots, and the water was very cold. There are bats in the cave. The cave reminds me of a mine, but of natural origin. The exit from the cave was found 100 meters from the entrance, a small and very narrow hole.

To come to the cave, you need to overcome a path about 7 km long in one direction. Route along the banks of the river Fars with a bunch of waterfalls along the way. There are A LOT of waterfalls, big and small. Progress was long and hard in some places. They go there often with an overnight stay and we understand why. If you bypass or on ATVs and horses, you can get there faster, but the road is washed out in many places, with huge puddles and branches.

Coordinates: 44.26965, 40.37452

Piketnaya Cave

Surprisingly interesting cave. Wild and at the beginning we did not even understand how to go down there. Having illuminated with flashlights, they found a system of ladders and cables left by someone’s caring handles. Be careful, the stairs are quite wet. There are many tiny little rooms in the cave, but all of it is like a sieve with a bunch of corridors and floors. There is a town in a snuffbox, and this is a cave in a box :))) I was very impressed! They did not expect…

We go to the Lago-Naki plateau and turn at the sign «Mezmai». We drive 1.9 km, park the car and then walk along the coordinate for another 500 meters. After visiting this cave, you can take a walk to the Pure and Beautiful caves.

Coordinates: 44.15165, 40.03535

Bee Cave

We have never seen such a miracle. The river flows out of the cave in a large stream, going deep into the rock in a narrow horizontal passage. This cave is one of those that you will not visit inside. You need to put on wetsuits and practically crawl along the cold riverbed deep into the dark interior of the cave. So far, this is a white spot for us, but outwardly it looks very impressive. The river coming out of the cave flows like a waterfall along the mountainside with a large stream and noise. That’s very beautiful. A huge plus is that it is located very close to the road and absolutely any tourist will come here.

We put the car in the parking lot opposite the Gentle Cave and move to the desired coordinate.

Coordinates: 44.15275, 40.06359

Cave Pure

The only one of the caves that we did not visit due to the fact that there was no necessary equipment. The entrance to the cave is vertical, you need to go down the cable, which was not with you. Everything is still ahead!

It is located one kilometer from the Piketnaya cave.

Coordinates: 44.14342, 40.03254

Cave Beautiful (Engineering)

Also an interesting and noteworthy cave. Spectacular, but we did not go through all the halls, because we did not notice the manhole. We found out about it after. So there will be a second run. The cave is very wet and dirty, wear waterproof shoes.

It is located a few meters from the Chistaya cave.

Coordinates: 44.14283, 40.03234

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